Low-income adults are most likely to go without routine dental care, leading to critical issues of tooth decay, infection and life-destroying situations where basic nutrition, employment and family life take a back seat to constant, and often debilitating, pain and embarrassment. 

Individuals with limited socioeconomic resources have to evaluate a whole web of factors associated with visiting a dentist, including the amount of time and money associated with a single dental visit, finding reliable transportation, and taking time off work. These barriers lead to low utilization of dental care options, higher dental disease rates and treatment costs, and interfere with treatment plan and follow-up care compliance. For many of these families, meeting immediate needs for food and shelter leaves little time for dental appointments.


The Samaritan Dental Clinic, operated by Samaritan Community Center, is a free, charitable clinic with staff and volunteer dental professionals providing comprehensive oral health services to uninsured adults in Northwest Arkansas. When a patient is initially scheduled in the clinic, they receive x-rays and an initial exam by the staff dentist who then develops an oral treatment plan specific to that patient's health needs and interest in receiving restorative care. Follow-up appointments are then scheduled to complete restorative care, extractions, oral surgery and cleanings, as needed. The recent addition of a Registered Dental Hygienist to the Samaritan Dental Clinic team has allowed patients to learn more about their care, and have more control over oral health decisions with a focus on self-care at home. 


Samaritan Dental Clinic aims to diminish barriers and meet immediate needs by providing greater access to oral health services and education opportunities. This year, we are specifically focusing on presenting dental treatment and education simultaneously as we see oral health education as a vital component in patients realizing and acting upon their need for preventive care, both through self-care at home and through regular visits to the dental clinic.

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