OUR MISSION The Samaritan Community Center is a grace-driven nonprofit organization that serves the hurting and hungry of Northwest Arkansas through a compassionate community of staff and volunteers.  OUR VISION To encourage all who enter here to find hope and experience positive life change.  OUR CORE VALUES To Do Justly ... To Love Mercy ... To Walk Humbly.
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Samaritan Community Center ... is a nonprofit community service organization that has become a vital resource to Northwest Arkansas neighbors experiencing economic, emotional and spiritual distress. 
On any given day the waiting rooms in our Springdale and Rogers centers are filled to capacity with clients - young and old, employed and unemployed, healthy and sick, married and single - many of whom have never before asked for personal assistance.
Through our lunch cafes, food markets, resale stores, health clinic and kids programs, our staff and volunteers freely give unconditional love and assistance to anyone who walks through our doors.
For many who visit our centers, the most important thing offered is Hope - something that is as individual as the clients we serve. For some hope comes in the form of a hot meal, or having a packet of food handed to them as they leave school each Friday, or sacks of groceries to help fill empty cupboards. For others it's a smile and a hug. And for many of our clients, hope is simply spending time in an environment where they are not judged but are loved and helped unconditionally.
In 2015 SCC is specifically focusing on providing healthier food options through our feeding programs as part of the statewide effort to reduce obesity, especially in at-risk populations. These efforts include expansion of the Samaritan Garden, the nutritional review of food items included in our SnackPacks for Kids program (and substitution of healthier alternatives when financially feasible), and the offering of nutritional cooking classes through Samaritan Market and Cafe programs.
During this past year over 200,000 people in four Arkansas counties were helped through SCC programs. So whether you are looking for information on how to donate or volunteer to our center, need directions to our community centers or resale stores, or would like to find out how to take advantage of the program services we offer - you can find it all right here!
Contact phone number for all program directors is 479.636.4198
Samaritan Cafe’: Regular volunteers needed to work in Rogers Cafe to help prepare and serve meals on Thursdays. Kitchen workers needed 9:45 am-1 pm to help serve and clean-up after the meal. Contact Elisa Pulido, epulido@samcc.org
Samaritan Market: Encouragers and pantry workers needed on Tuesdays for the Samaritan Market in Springdale. Contact Gaby Rodriguez, grodriguez@samcc.org
Samaritan Shop: Volunteers are needed to help sort clothing donations at both the Rogers and Springdale shops. To volunteer in the Springdale Shop contact Erin Maxey at 479.751.3440; emaxey@samcc.org to volunteer in the Rogers Shop contact Kylie Hunt at 479.246.1060; emaxey@samcc.org
Samaritan Dental Clinic: General dentists or oral surgeons needed to do surgical extractions, and who are willing to see at least one Samaritan Center charitable patient each month in their own practice. Contact Health Clinic Coordinator Amy Gephart, agephart@samcc.org
Samaritan Garden: Dedicated individuals/small groups that are willing to work and want to learn more about gardening. No experience required! Contact Jonathan McArthur, jmcarthur@samcc.org
Samaritan Market: Peanut butter, rice, dried beans, canned meats (tuna and chicken) 13 oz cereal boxes, canned soup, canned beans, feminine hygiene products (preferably pads), shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper
Samaritan Cafe’: #10 cans of green beans, baked beans, corn 
SnackPacks for Kids: Fruit cups, pudding cups, granola bars (peanut free!), Easy Mac
Samaritan Dental Clinic: Floss, adult tooth brushes, adult spin brushes, sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne or Crest Sensitive, Biotene or any product that helps people with dry mouth.
Samaritan Shops: Furniture, kids' clothing, appliances (must be working), housewares
Samaritan Garden: Bagged peat, compost, soil and mulch. These can be obtained at any box store and can really help the fertility of the garden. Two wheeled wheelbarrows, pitch forks, soil forks, T-posts, cattle panel and tomato cages. 
All food donations may be dropped off at the SCC Administrative Offices, 1211 West Hudson Road, Rogers. Samaritan Shop donations should be dropped off at either the Rogers Samaritan Shop, 100 N. Dixieland Road (Frisco Station Mall), or the
Springdale Samaritan Shop, 2300 West Sunset Ave.
 For large furniture donation pick-up call 479.246.1060
Donation questions? Contact Shannon Green
SCC In-Kind Donation Coordinator
sgreen@samcc.org; 479.636.4198, ext. 36


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